Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Job Interview Questions for Managers To Check Management Skills

You got an interview call for a managerial post and wondering what sort of questions will be asked from you in the interview. All managerial jobs for managers revolve around the concept of managing employees, resources and how to make the best combination of these to get the maximum out put both in quantity & quality. Further manager has to explore the areas that needs improvement. How manager will tackle weak performing employees is also the part of job. So all the interview questions will be related to your hand on experience with employees and work rather than just education & other credentials. Now whether you are going for accounting job, engineering job, airline or another managerial job it is your confidence and communication skills with experience and education that will matter the most.

Top management skills are checked through the job interview questions for managers that are framed to evoke the reactions of the candidate. In the answers the candidate's way of thinking is judged & he or she is checked for the present job. So job interview question are made to check management skills of the manager.

In management interview questions areas of competence are checked. The area of competence are clear direction, communication skills, decision making capability, quality to motivate people & delegation of duties to sub ordinates. Employer will frame the job interview questions in such a way that employer can explore the properties in the candidate to check his or her suitability for the post.

Top Job Interview Questions for Managers To Check Management Skills

  • How independently you take your decision?
  • Your past experience with under performing employee? What have you done? Was there any improvement in employee's performance? If not, what was your next step?
  • How quick you can take the decision?
  • How many decisions that you had taken in the past were right & generated the positive results?
  • How you coordinate the work with your team?
  • Do you set target for yourself & for your team and what do you do to achieve the targets?
  • Are you a multi-tasking personality?
  • How you perform under dead lines & work pressure?

Some Management Interview Questions & Answers Need Detail
  • Describe the philosophy of your management and what you try to add in the organization's improvement for its cultural & environmental growth.
  • Explain the factors that are important for the growth of the organization.
  • How you check employees performance?

Some Very General Top Management Skill Job Interview Questions
  • Why are you changing your job?
  • What are your future goals?
  • What do you know about this company?
  • What are your strength & weaknesses?
  • What an employer will check in management and skill job interview question answers?
Employer will check how you are going to give the answer. How comfortable are you while giving answers that are asked in the level interview. The way you are citing the examples & describing the situation will tell the employer whether your experience & credentials are genuine or not. Do not prepare on ready made answers as the answers to the interview question at managerial level should come in a flow. For manager job, how you are using your thought process is also checked. If you have ready made answers then employer will come to know that you do not have any experience in this but you are just giving the memorized answers.

So you must make yourself familiar with the company to which you are going for an interview. Along with this also just go through the interview question for hiring mangers at home so that you do not look or behave blank. At the need if you are asked to ask some question from the employer then do not hesitate but do not ask personal questions like when the appraisal & how much it will be done. You can ask about the work environment & what is expected from you as a manger if hired.


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