Thursday, September 17, 2009

How to Develop Confidence to Tackle New Situation?

Your palms are sweating and your heart is pounding, means that you are into a new situation and need the pump to boost your self-confidence. Everyone once or more times must have gone through this experience in life. Like if you are a teacher then you must have faced a class for the first time, if you are a manager then your team handling for the first time, freshers' first job in any field like accounting, hospitality etc & first day at work. Even as a kid our first day at school is an example of new situation. So at every point of our life we face a new situation that demands for the confidence. Now how to develop confidence to tackle new situation is a real key to success. Once you have found that key you will never look back. Here are the simple steps that you can follow to gain confidence at a new situation.

Goal Setting
Always set a goal for yourself. Say your goal is to win the hearts of your audience. Think what you need to do that. You need a good speech, time management, tone quality & eye contact with the audience. So work on the required area. This will help you in gaining confidence.

Prepare Your Work
If you are going for a speech, in meeting or conference where you will be one of the speakers and you are going to present your speech for the first time then it is better to do the homework. Prepare your speech and rehearse it in front of the mirror. This will boost your confidence.

Practice makes the man perfect is an old age saying. So more you practice more will be the confidence.

Mange Yourself
This is also very important to have confidence. You need to be organized. Like for delivering speech your paper on which the speech is written must be in order so that no confusion is created at the end time. Also keep all the required things in place so that you can get them instantly whenever required.

Believe in Yourself
There are few people around you who have the innate quality of self confidence. They look & speak so effectively that no one can beat them. The key here is 'believe in yourself'. You can nurture this habit to gain confidence in new situation.

Reach Early
If you are going to give a lecture in a class then you must go early there so that you can get familiar to the ambiance. You can also greet everyone entering the class to get some personal touch. This will really give you confidence because now you are not the stranger to that place.

Look Confident
Even if you are nervous do not let this come on your face. Keep telling yourself that you can do it & beat the whole show. Never compare or read anything new just at time as you will forget your own and the situation will be a big chaos then.

Be Responsible
If you want to develop confidence to tackle a new situation then have the habit of tackling the situation on your own. Do not let others to do it for you. In this way you will learn to how to develop alternates and will learn from your won mistakes.

Celebrate you Success
Now you have achieved your set goal. Never forget to celebrate this happiness with your friends & family as this will further help you in setting a new goal & achieving that. This in turn will boost your self confidence.


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