Friday, October 29, 2010

Scope of Biotechnology Jobs and Career

Biotechnology is basically a research oriented field that is combines biology and technology. The concept of biotechnology is is not new but if we talk about modern biotechnology then it is just three decades old. In biotechnology, microorganism performs number of functions to yield a new product from the old one. Different sets of technologies are used in modern biotechnology industry leading to better and improved variety of products. Among all one of the major advantage of biotechnology is to conserve the nature by replenishing its natural resources and saving energy in one form or the other.

Although modern biotechnology is a new concept yet the traditional have been used by humans for the past many decades. Products like yogurt, cheese, vinegar, alcoholic beverages etc are the result of this technology only. It is an effective tool for producing food, storing as well as preserving food.

Scope of Biotechnology
Scope of biotechnology is increasing with the more need for cheaper but the quality varieties. This includes

  • Genetic Engineering
  • Gene Therapy
  • Immunotechnologies
  • Tissue culture
  • Stem cell techniques
  • Enzyme engineering and technology
  • Photosynthetic efficiency
  • New DNA technologies
  • Plant-based drugs
  • Rational drug design

The main branch of this study is Genetic Engineering that is done on plants, animals (especially marine animals) and microbes. In this the DNA is transformed so that animal, plant or microbe start doing the things that are expected. Numerous drugs and vaccines are produced by genetically modified microbes. This include insulin, erythropoietin, and hepatitis-B vaccine. Some of the plants are so modified that they produce their own pesticide and resistant to weedicides.

Then Gene Therapy is applied to the human beings who suffer from any genetic disorder. By applying this they can lead a normal life.

Both plant and animal cells are subjected to Tissue Culture. A plant can be grown from a single cell in a lab through tissue culture. Tissue culture is actually used for micro propagation of exotic material and used to produce useful compounds.

Also some plants with biotechnology gets the photosynthetic efficiency through which they start producing more biomass from the same amount of light and other associated things.

Biotechnology is seeing major growth in India and so there are great number of biotechnology jobs in India. There is a great network of research laboratories in India along with rich agriculture, biodiversity, abundant sunshine with skilled and trained manpower. As it is quiet a new field yet there are many hidden and stored scopes of biotechnology in India that are yet to be explored.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

All about Overseas Jobs

Overseas jobs are not so easy to get as it seems. You need to prepare every thing from documents to your professional skills and overall personality. Although preparation and getting these jobs is difficult but search for overseas jobs these days has become quiet easy as almost all recruiters publish their requirements online in their company's portal or collectively in job portals. So you can search for these jobs online. Also it has been found that most of the people rely on websites rather than going to recruitment agency to find these jobs. And just one-fifth of the job seekers check the jobs in international newspapers.

Once you are through with this thing, check out the next step that is to impress the selector or recruiter. As you are not alone who is dreaming big and finding these jobs so you will have to be very smart in presenting your self. Give yourself an edge over others.

Your letter of applications should be well-written. The curriculum vitae or resume should be clear and very neatly filled. Along with this if the application requires recent photograph then it should be very professional and you must have the photo copies of all your educational degree with you. Spend productive time in making and writing your job application.

Submit this application with overseas job recruiters. They will screen your application and once your application is screened you will get an interview call. In certain companies clearing written test is compulsory and in some it is the voice and accent round that is mandatory. The actual requirement depends upon the project and the profile. Also in some cases the recruiters take the initial interview and if you clear that you are asked to sit for company's interview.

In actual selection your interview, documentation, reference and experience matters.

Most of the process for overseas recruitments by the big organizations has know been outsourced to reduce the cost and to improve the quality. This is also called recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).

The major problem in overseas recruitment is the low rate of labour market mobility. But the motivation behind people who want to travel outside their country for work is the broadened experience, career development with better salary and additional perks.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Flourishing Companies in India During Recession

Recession is official over now and everywhere reports are being generated regarding its impact on companies, and overall economy. Although every sector across the world has been affected by the global recession that lasted for 18 months. But in IKON Marketing Consultants reports it has been mentioned that there are few industries or sectors in India that have shown positive growth in spite of recession.

Across the world there was hullabaloo of economic recession and the down IT market. It has affected the IT job openings, growth and revenue of IT companies and its related sectors. But three cheers to the major Information Technology companies in India which have shown positive growth (although less that last year).

TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HCL and Cognizant have been listed in the recent Forrester Research report that shows that these IT companies in India are actually showing the signs of profitability despite of tough and receding economy.

In order to survive during tough time, the companies had changed their strategies. Major cost cutting had been done by reducing the salary, by spending less on long-term R&D and overheads expense. Some of the companies had also cut down their number of employees. This was the scene all across the world especially in North America and England but it was expected that Indian IT industry will grow in 2010 and 2011. Check out the top 10 IT companies in India.

After IT it is the food and food processing industry that has shown growth. According to Ministry of Food Processing Industry (MFPI), the food processing industry in India had witnessed a growth even as the world was facing recession.

Railway is another sector that has not been affected by the global recession in India. Air ticket rates were hiked and thus more and more people during that time had shifted towards the cheaper mode of transportation.

After this comes the Telecom department that has not been affected by the recession. Cell phone market became more prominent and cheaper than usual. Along with this PSU Banks, Education, Health care, market for Luxury Products, M&A & Marketing Consultants and Media and Entertainment have shown positive growth signs.


Friday, September 17, 2010

A Beginner's Guide For Emigrating Abroad

Emigrating abroad is a attractive prospect for most of the people these days. People especially hailing from developing or under developed countries find it hard to resist the temptation of moving abroad in search of better career opportunities and lifestyle. Though, its not an easy task to make a move to a different country as the life has to be changed and adapted as per the rules, regulations and society of that country. Here are few tips which can come handy if you are planning to make a move for employment abroad.

Prior Research
It is always wise to do an extensive research before emigrating abroad. Here internet can prove an extremely useful tool. Surf through the various employment sites to know the kind of opportunities available and also that as to where your skill set suits.
Contacting companies in your native country with offices abroad and visa-versa can also be tried. Submit your resume at such multi national company's offices as these can really be a good source for emigrating abroad.
Employment agencies, for that matter, can again be quite useful for an individual in landing up with some nice job opportunities abroad. Contact one of such genuine employment agencies and it will surely help you in providing some worthy potential leads as work opportunities.

One should always make sure to carry all the requisite documents with oneself at the time of emigration in another country. It would be a sheer waste of time if one forgets a document and gets it shipped the new destination. Thus, one should cross check the documents twice before keeping them safe with oneself. The important documents for job abroad include:

-School certificates, degrees and diplomas.
-Professional degrees and certificates.
-Motor driving license including international driver's permit.
-Employment testimonials and work records by previous employers.

Local E-mail Address
It is wise to create an e-mail address with the country's domain name where you are seeking employment. For eg. If you are looking for jobs in Australia, you can have an email id with the ending as '' or ''. This would help your listing being preferred by that country's native employers.

To know more about emigration embassies and job opportunities in embassies click here.


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