Monday, July 27, 2009

Top Work From Home Jobs

Not everyone likes to go office everyday and follow the instructions of boss at every step. Some others are there, especially the stay home moms, who can not go to office due to their responsibilities towards some other high priority in their lives at that certain point of time. That doesn't, at all mean that these people cannot earn a decent amount of money and be satisfied with the feeling of being self dependent. They can, of course, get 'work at home jobs.' Just go through the Checklist For Home Based Worker and then read about the following hot choices for work at home jobs that give both- flexibility to adjust your time and a decent earning for you.

Freelance Writing

If you are good with words, you have many options to explore related to freelance writing. Here, you work for a while and build up some or the other subject matter expertise. Web sites are looking for new bloggers every day. Many sites offer free blog space to anyone interested in writing. Blogging can, in fact, be a good way to earn extra income for all types of home-based workers. Freelance writers should remain flexible about taking on a variety of different assignments but should also specialize in an area, such as public policy, technology, or education. They can both, be a generalist and a specialist at the same time.

Mystery Shopping

Many reputable companies pay for reports and reviews of retail establishments and products. You have to just act as an average customer and then analyze a store or service. Doing surveys or participating in focus groups can be even more lucrative in terms of money paid for the job. Research companies search for reliable, articulate, detail-oriented people and pay well to those who consistently perform well. You love shopping or not, you have to anyway go to the shops for buying this or that. Avail this opportunity and be a mystery shopper or survey taker. Internet has made finding these jobs easier.


If you know some craft and create them sitting at home, you can go for an online-auction career. Leave alone the crafts, if you want to sell some household items that you would otherwise put in a garage sale then also it is a good option. You can even look for bargains at local retailers and then auction them off for a profit on the site. Most of the auction sites have "how to" sections to teach beginners with the selling process. A little research further can help you know the best way to market your offerings.

Transcription Jobs

Transcription is converting voice-recorded reports, as dictated by professionals, into text format. This is more common in health profession (medical transcription) but not very uncommon in other general and legal fields. However, these jobs require a specific set of skills or experience. If you have such experience, you can very well opt for transcription job- it is one of the most sought after jobs today. If you don't have any such skill, you can even go for short duration training courses which have become very common these days. The institutes offering such courses also help in finding the initial home based transcription job and once you get experienced, you can move forward on your own.

Finding home based job has been made easier by Internet as never before but there is always a possibility of your being a victim of Work at Home Scams. Just be sure to avoid these scams and work happily at your own terms.


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