Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Recession Proof Super Jobs

Economic downturn has got everyone giving a second thought to their careers. Those who have experienced a layoff are stepping forward with the help of research about what are the jobs that don't get affected by recessions? Others, who are still in jobs, are preparing to equip themselves with the necessary skills for these recession proof jobs and still others who are already blessed with such jobs are thanking god for placing them there. So, what are these so called 'recession proof jobs'? Time has prepared a list of 150 Best Recession-Proof Jobs and here are the details of top recession proof jobs

Health Care: Hospitals/health care is such a field that will never go out of demand. Whether a doctor, nurse, or diagnostic lab technicians- they will be well placed any time. After all, health needs attention- recession or not! However, some of the sectors in health care industry too can get slightly affected by the recessions. For example, dentists can see more impact of recession with people putting off getting dental care.

Computer Systems Analysts: Almost all the organizations today depend on computer and information technology to operate their business efficiently. Computer systems analysts use their technological knowledge effectively to incorporate new technologies into their existing systems. Not only system analyst, in fact, all computer jobs are more or less safer in the times of economic meltdown.

Sales and marketing: Laying off people from sales team doesn't seem to be the strategy of any company. Sales jobs are one of the safest jobs when it comes to recession. After all generating new business in tough times is more than essential to survive.

Government Jobs: No country can afford to loose its administrative personnel at any time, leave alone recession. Government jobs, anyhow, are considered the most stable of jobs.

Accounting Jobs: There's only one situation when accounting jobs are in danger zone- when a company closes down. In every other situation, including recession, all companies need to keep finances and taxes in shape (howsoever bad is the condition of finance).

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