Thursday, July 23, 2009

Law Enforcement Jobs in India

Like in all other nations, a major portion of youth in India too is desirous of joining some or the other kind of law enforcement jobs. Main opportunity in this field is getting a job into the Indian Police Service (IPS). The police infrastructure in India is divided in three levels- State Police, Metropolitan police, and Traffic Police. Each state has a state police force, recruitment in which is done by the State Public Service Commissions through competitive examination. Apart from the state police, major cities have their own police forces which may or may not be subordinate to the state police. Delhi Police, Mumbai Police, Chennai Police and other police agencies in metropolitan cities are under control of Central Government and the officers here are the members of Indian Police Service (IPS) selected by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) through Civil Service Examination. The Traffic Police in the small towns is under State Police but in major cities, they come under Metropolitan Police.

The recruitment process for various levels of the police force is different. The Superintendents of Police (SP) are recruited every year by the UPSC through the highly competitive Civil Service Examination and are appointed into the Indian Police Service (IPS). The IPS officers are then assigned to a state force. The officers directly recruited in the State police force may also be promoted to the IPS. Superintendents of Police have to udergo a rigorous training for 44 weeks. The other levels of police force is selected by state or the central government and are trained at Police Recruit Schools. Inspectors are roughly trained for a year, and constables for about 9 months. The training staff for these schools is drawn from the police department itself.

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