Sunday, June 7, 2009

Top 5 Tips to Clear Your Airline Interview

Airline jobs are of the most demanded jobs in the world today. Thanks to the number of affordable airline coming up, giving a chance to all the class of people to enjoy the air ride. This article tries to ease out the questions that erupt in the minds of people looking for a job in airline. To begin with most of the job seekers are victim to stuttering and fumbling, it becomes extremely critical to improve especially when you are seeking an airlines job. Following are some of the basic asset which when incorporated can assure you a bright future in the airline industry.

Magnetic Personality : Airline job requires a good personality and it is this concern that makes them finicky and panicky before the interview. Try to overcome this as there ares series of interviews that you will need to undergo. Be an avid listener and do not go overboard while speaking. Take care of your posture and carry a pleasant smile as these count a lot in an aviation job.

Requisite Qualification : Job seekers are often confused regarding the qualification they need to enter the airline industry. Well, a high school degree or any government equivalent degree with command over certain languages like English and Hindi for domestic flights and French, Spanish and German for International flight is important, especially for cabin crew members. Technical degree is required if you are aiming for a pilot's job. Before going for the interview, its important to brush up your aviation knowledge.

Dress Code : Dressing also counts a lot when planning to go for an airline interview. Being lazy and acting too unprofessional will make you lose your chance of getting the job. Look presentable and be attentive. Go through the aviation dress code thoroughly. You can add a hint of perfume to smell good.

Know Your Employers : This is applicable in almost every industry, especially in airline jobs and journalism. It is important to know about the airline whose interview yo are appearing for. Gather as much information as you can especially about the job position you are applying for with regard to employee benefits, vacation policy, their pilot base etc.

Physical Fitness : This is one of the most important standard set by the airline company. A series of medical test are conducted before hiring any person for airline jobs. At the time of joining, a medical certificate approved by the standard FAA physical test is required at the time of joining. Some airline also conduct various training programs before joining the employees, so take utmost care of yourself before going for the interview.


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