Monday, June 8, 2009

Interview at a Bank – Tips to Dress Accordingly

Bank is one of those places which is crowded almost all through out the day. If you vie for any banking jobs that you should maintain the dress code of the place since the time you step in for your interview. Often people with great potential fall short of getting a job in a bank due to their inability to dress in the required manner. If you too have been a victim to this, then read below to get tips related to dressing for the banking job and avoid losing another chance.

Following are some of the basic dressing tips that are noticed very critically in any job especially in a banking job.

1. Dressing conservatively is the best form of dressing when going for a bank interview. Since most banks adhere to professional business code, dressing appropriately is the way to create a good first impression.

2. To understand the dressing code of any bank you can approach the Human Resource department of the bank for a copy of their dress code. This will help you decide in choosing the best dress for the occasion of the interview.

3. It is important to appear very formal during a banking interview, thus minimize the amount of jewelery or ornaments adoration. Unnecessary show of jewelery reflects unprofessionalism, a sign that should keep at bay from your interview.

4. Wearing neaat and clean clothes is a crucial step. Nobody wants an unkempt and disheveled person in the office as it reflects the callousness on the part of the employee. Wash and get your clothes ironed before the interview. For example, if you are confused whether to wear a khakee pant in an interview or not, better switch to formal pants instead.

5. In case you have been sporting a lot of piercing or tattoos, then conceal them to the maximum for the interview. Though today they are considered as a style statement and self expression, but in most all the work places they are unacceptable.

6. Be open to criticism from your peers, supervisors and even subordinates, regarding your dressing style. If they give suggestions, them accept them gracefully and try to incorporate it in your dressing to look throughly professional. This will also help your seniors to realize that you are respecting their advice and create a favorable impression of you in their minds.


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