Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Netiquette – The Buzzword in a Call Center Job

Getting a job in a call center might sound easy but it certainly is not! Well the most important tool at the disposal of any call center professional is – Netiquette. Confused? Well netiquette is the word used to denote all the various etiquettes that one needs while using the Internet and other networking technology. Following are some of the basic netiquette tips that you should keep on your fingertips while going for an interview for a call center job.

Avoid typing in all caps – To make your work look decent and not abhorrent, make sure you use your grammar sense profoundly. Using caps for all that you write not only seems like yelling for attention but also is difficult to read. Therefore a mix of small and caps letters is the best way to write.

Fill the Subject Field – Never even by mistake leave the subject field empty as then your e main might be treated as spam and sent to the trash even before being read. Use very short and concise words to gist your whole content in the subject category.

Multi Tasking – In case you need to send a mail to many persons at one go, then make sure you send the mail to the various recipients via BCC (blind carbon copy) mode in order to show some courtesy.

Things to be Avoided – Do not send across junk mails, jokes, chain of letters or any unimportant mails to any recipient without taking his or her consent. Also never share phone numbers and address in case you are not acquainted with the person you are communicating with.

Other Important Netiquettes – It is advisable to avoid replaying to any nasty mail immediately since each company mail is copyrighted by the original writer. In case you are sending large file, make sure you minimize or zip them else the mail will bounce. The hoaxes that are generally disseminated among peers should be ignored. Many of these mails try to mislead the readers by giving various unnecessary instructions.

Above mentioned are some of the basic tips that when incorporated can help you click the right job. Follow them when going for an interview for a call center job as netiquettes are an important crux in these companies.


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