Friday, June 19, 2009

Real Estate Agents – Security Tips

Although the job of a real estate agent has been thought to be one of the safest jobs as it involves a lot of public, this trend has changed recently. At many real estate jobs, agents are being robbed, raped and murdered while showing the properties to people, there is an alarming concern pertaining to their safety. Although many real estate firms have taken very concrete measures to check this, it is still very important for the agents to practice some measures at their own end.

It is always better to have your client's work, home and cell phone number along with their physical address. Also verify the identity of the customer by calling and confirming on all the numbers. In case you do not have the time to do that that just do a background check using Google and get the requisite verification done.

Never meet an unknown customer directly on the site. If possible call them to the office first an engage somebody in noting their car number or any other available detail. Also try to keep your office people updated with the sites you are going to show people and make sure you keep calling them in between to confirm. Follow some of the basic safety tips to ensure a hassle free real estate deal.

1. Carry your cellphone every time you deal with a client and if possible programme it in a manner that the emergency buttons are on a one touch dial mode.

2. If in a public open house, then make sure you are not working alone and always accompany somebody from your acquaintance.

3. Until and unless you know your customers discourage form showing them the site on your own. Especially when working with people you are not sure about, it is always better to ask your peers to accompany you.

4. An interesting thing to do is to keep a pepper or mace spray in your pockets, to help you in times unseen.

5. Pay attention to the exits of the site and let your customers enter the premise or indoors first.

Follow these carefully drafted tips to ensure that the safety producers involving the job of a real estate agent is maintained.


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