Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Journalism Jobs – Tips For Getting a Job in a News Agency

The job of a journalist is very demanding as more and more technological advancements have forced them to grow their reach exponentially. It is this need that has led to an explosion in the number of colleges and institutes that provide these journalism courses. The vast number of students that qualify every year go from pillar to post in hunt for a journalism jobs and the stiff competition has given rise to a number of challenges that come as a hindrance in their path.

This article provides various tricks that will help you land in the desired news agency for the purpose of securing a job.

Get a Job as an Intern – This is the first and most crucial step toward your journalism career. If you get a chance to work as an intern in big wig news agency then all you need to do is show your potential. This is the easiest way of securing a place in the news agency.

Work for Free – This doesn't mean you dedicate your like for this social cause. It only means that many small newspapers and agencies hire volunteer as journalists as their disposable income in very less. Therefore, it is important that if your a novice, then even working for bare minimum can be fruitful for your career ahead.

Free Lancing Can be of Help – In case you are not able to get a full time job, look for part time or even freelancing as alternatives. Besides, there are various organizations and news agencies that prefer hiring people on a per diem basis. By writing for such sources you can get a good industry experience.

Web Writing As an Option – With the world becoming globals, web writing is also a very bright career. Many news papers today publish e-news which finds more readers when compared to conventional newspapers. Thus, web is an alternative opportunity serve as the perfect place to hone writing skills and to get work published.

Prepare to Begin Small – First of all be clear about the fact that big organizations do not hire freshers. Hence students should not waste their time in pursuing such jobs. The mantra of a successful career in Journalism lies in starting from a small organization and thus climbing the upward ladder from there.


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