Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hotel Management Job – Ways to Keep in Good Condition

Hotel management sounds like a very interesting job, but beware as this job requires a lot of management skills and hospitality instincts to make a successful career in this field. This article provides some of the very basic requirements that will help you effectively learn the nuances of the hotels and restaurants and thus will help in improving the efficiency of your hotel.

Acknowledge your Staff and Their Skills

This is an important step in order to practice an effective management program. Knowing your staff by name is an added bonus, while being cognizant about their skills is a must. If the best and most suitable jobs are alloted as per the capability of the employee then there is a very remote chance that things will go wrong. Therefore, it becomes important for you to recruit a wide range of employees that specialize in various fields and thus have experts for every wing of your hotel.

Be Aware of Your Role as a Manager

Besides knowing your staff and their skills, it is important that you also are aware of your responsibility as a manager. This is not it, more than assigning hotel jobs to the employees it is important that you accept them yourself. Also, if any subordinate of yours is in need of help or is having any kind of crisis then it is your responsibility that you help them in possible ways. It is important for you being a manager to maintain the hierarchy of responsibility and accountability.

Manage Your Expectations

This is another requisite that needs to be inculcated in the manager of any hotel. Do not expect your staff to complete any work you desire. Always keep yourself in their shoes and then assign the task. In case you need them to work extra hour or any other requirement that is not withing their profile, then be prepared to hear a 'no' from them. Maintaining courtesy is important.

Maintain Flexibility in Planning

Always keep a contingency plan in case something goes haywire. Try to solve things within the possibilities rather than disappointing your guests. For example, if your kitchen is out of some ingredients then make sure that you get them before crisis.


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