Monday, December 21, 2009

Best Job Opportunities in 2010 in India

Jobs, jobs and jobs...this surely is not the scenario in today's receding market but soon you gonna see this and then there will be no time to gain expertise and relevant education. You can check the best job opportunities in 2010 and then sharpen up your skills to grab the most rewarding and promising job that you were looking for, for the last so many years. If we see then the emerging sectors in India are most likely to bring out jobs and one must target these sectors.

Top Best Job Opportunities in 2010 in India are in the following sectors

IT-ITES Sector
IT-ITES sector will give some of the best job opportunities in 2010. In every nation there is a quest for global competition and because of this IT-ITES sector is gaining momentum and will provide more IT jobs in the coming year. IT-ITES sector include BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) and LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing) sector. BPO is the fastest growing industry and expected to employ 2,300,000 number of employees in 2010. Most of the BPO companies are now trying to shift to Tier II and Tier III cities as in Tier I cities the property price is touching the sky. Also there is   high rate of attrition, lack of talent and more demand for wages. After BPO it is the KPO industry that is expanding its skyline and from USD 3 billion industry it will become USD 10-12 billion industry in 2010. It is expected that 250,000 number of job opportunities in 2010 India will be generated employing the most talented youth. From financial, science, engineering, law, accounting to all other technology fields are included in KPO IT jobs.  LPO not so popular at present but is rising to become the future job generator in India. By the year 2015 it will give approximately 79,000 jobs in India. Every legal documentation will be covered under LPO. So there will be numerous call center jobs in India.

Retail Sector

Reatil sector in India is very strong and deeply rooted and according to the estimates of ASSOCHAM Business Barometer (ABB) by the year 2010 it will cross the figure of USD 21.5 billion. After IT-ITES it is the retail sector in India that will bring forth many jobs. By the year 2010 2,000,000 jobs will be given by the retail sector in India.

Aviation Sector In India

Number of pilots in India are less than the required and along with this the aviation sector is seeing 25 percent growth each year. 130 more airlines will be a part of existing 270 airliners. It can be in the field of airline manager, ground personnel, flight dispatchers, cabin crew and airport manager.

Health Care Sector

Heath care sector is one of the leading industries not only in India but across the globe. The Indian nurses are in demand in US and other countries who have shortage of nurses. Healthcare sector has lots of career options that cover both medical and pro preventive care. Health care is US$ 35 billion industry in India and will reach to US$ 75 billion by 2012 and in year 2017 it will become US$ 150 billion. McKinsey in its report has said that healthcare sector in India is one of the fastest growing sectors with 10 to 12 percent growth each year. According to the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASSOCHAM) during the period of April-June 2009 the growth in the net profit is 42.44 percent. Then there is the health insurance that is the booming sector and will lead to many best job opportunities in 2010 in India. At present it is only the 10 percent of Indian population that has taken the health insurance. This means rest of the 90% still needs it. According to the study by the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry by the year 2010 this sector will grow to US$ 5.75 billion. There will be numerous nursing jobs not only in India but across the world.

Hotel Industry
Commonweath games are around the corner in India and it is expected that during this period the hotel industry will be at its boom because many tourists will visit India in order to watch the games in Delhi, India. Close to 94,000 freshers for the various jobs will be required under this in 2010. Graduates from science, physics, engineering and commerce background are the most sought after by the hoteliers.


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