Thursday, November 19, 2009

Government Jobs in India: Advantages Vs Disadvantages

Lots and lots of questions keep on happening in mind when you have to choose between the option of government job in India and private job. Government jobs in India has many benefits like pension plans, not that strict work environment, job security et al. But on the other hand private sector jobs are equally longed by some individuals who want to grow and desire to make more money in life. It is generally believed that once you get the government job in India your present as well as future is secured to a great extent There are numerous higher level state and central government jobs with which the prestige is also associated and regarded as an additional perk. These all are not the part of private sector jobs.

Advantages of Government Jobs in India

  • Government jobs have more job security than the private sector. In private sector lay offs are common to see especially during  the times of economic recession. Whereas government jobs in India is not subjected to any type of layoffs because of recession.
  • The working hours in government jobs are also less than the private jobs. There is no strict rule of coming dot on time and leaving at right time. But many employees most of the times tend to misuse this opportunity. In private sector strictness in timing are observed. Every private organization has different ways of dealing with this. Some give the relaxation of 15 mins and in some organizations employee can come to the office late for some particular number of days and if he or she continues to come late there is a penalty for the same.
  • Many retirement benefits like pension plan, PF and other retirement schemes are associated with government jobs in India which are not observed in private sector.
  • If you have the capability you can reach at higher levels like Magistrate, Dean or Registrar. At such higher posts there are other benefits for easy and luxury life.
  • Job security and peace of mind exists in government job.

Disadvantages of Government jobs in India
  • The pay scales in government jobs are less than the private sector. If you are a fresher and got government job then you salary will be less compared to the one who has joined private sector.
  • There are less career opportunities and growth in government job. Many people join at one post and retire from the same post after working for 30 years or more than that.
  • Government jobs are less challenging than the private jobs.
  • Less creativity and sincerity towards work has been seen in government jobs in India that makes the job very boring and mundane.
  • Less incentives and increments are associated with government jobs in India.
  • Less and only specific job opportunity.

In many cases it has been seen that one partner in a married couple is in government job and other at good position in private sector but at different location. It is very difficult to do job in such cases as government jobs in India although are transferable but it takes much time. Whereas if you are in private sector then you can very easily leave the job and get it in a new company and location and probably at better position and with higher salary.

You can go into various departments like accounting, travel and tourism, advertising, IT etc which are part of government jobs.

So while taking the government jobs in India you must weigh all the pros and cons before actually joining the same. Although stability is an important factor but you must check the growth opportunities that you can avail if you join the government job.


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