Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Get Ready for Your Performance Appraisal

You have worked so hard and now is the time for the day when your hard work will be recognized and your contribution to the organization in terms of revenue and business growth will be measured. In many offices the first performance appraisal is generally done after the six months of joining and the following appraisals are annual. In some organizations even half yearly appraisals are also done. Some of the organizations do the appraisal in the month of March. So it really depends upon the company policy that define the time and period for performance appraisal.

The main objective of the performance appraisal is to provide feedback to improve the performance. Also new targets are set for the next period. In the performance appraisal any training need is also addressed and candidate is shown new growth opportunities. The employee in turn gets his or her salary raised because of the past performance.

You be in engineering job, hospitality job, Information & Technology or any other kind of job, performance appraisal must not be taken lightly so you must get ready for your appraisal before time.
Check the following points before going for the performance appraisal interview:

Collect your Work
Make the list of work that you have done from the beginning of the appraisal period till date. Accentuate the achievements and recognitions. This can be a long process but it will prove beneficial. You can note down the percentage of growth that has been resulted with your performance. If your work deals with client, like in case of communication jobs, then make sure to collect all the evidences that are pointing towards applaud or appreciation. These will really support your work.

Participate in the Discussion
Performance appraisal is all about discussion so it is better to participate in the discussion as it is related to your performance and its appraisal. This is the time when you can tell your training needs or things that your are capable of doing. Tell your evaluator that your are ready to get new responsibilities.

Complete Your Task
To get good appraisal be an excellent worker and live up to the expectation of your boss. Do not hesitate to do extra work if required and do take the extra responsibilities. Complete the given task on time and with 100% quality. These activities are followed in the normal routine that is before and after the performance appraisal.

Stay Confident
It is very important to stay confident while sitting for the performance appraisal interview. Your confidence will show that you are aware of what you have done so far and what you can contribute towards the growth of the organization further which in turn will help you in getting good appraisal.

Listen to Your Evaluator
Your evaluator will discuss your strengths and weakness. So be a good listener. Never a argue unnecessarily as this will spoil the performance appraisal. You can speak for the point that you feel is wrong but once your evaluator has stopped talking. Also talk sensibly, to the point and about your performance.

Be Objective
While evaluating your performance your evaluator will judge your performance not you as a person. So never personalize what your evaluator is saying about your performance. Listen to the suggestions.


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