Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Recession- Keeping Your Job Safe

Recession is such a bad situation where you cannot predict when your company will go into loss and when it will start laying off jobs. No matter how efficiently you have worked in the past, if you can't prove your worth in today's context, you are bound to be laid off. So what's it that will keep your job safe? There are some reasons for which anyone gets laid off earlier than others. If you avoid those causes, chances are that you'll survive. First reason is the cost of an employee to the company. If you are costlier than what you produce, you are gone. Another reason is bad attitude towards work- if you can't stretch your limits to include more works that you can do for your company then also you will be fired. There are some other reasons too. However, there are many ways that can be adopted to prove your value to your company. To know the reasons of getting laid off and the ways to prove your worth, read How to Keep Your Job Safe during Financial Crisis


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