Friday, July 3, 2009

Are You the Right Candidate for Sales Jobs?

Every job demands a different set of skills. Teaching jobs require the ability to research and gain in depth knowledge as well as communicating the same effectively to the students. Managerial jobs require good organization and human relations aptitudes. Engineering and architecture jobs require sound technical training. Sales jobs, however simple and general it might seem, too need some skills which go to decide whether a sales professional will be successful or not? If you are also one of those many people who want to enter the sales jobs, you must first check whether you possess these skills or not before entering this arena.

Mental Characteristics

Presence of Mind: You should be able to understand and judge the situation and act accordingly by solving any problem arising during the deal- then and there itself.

Vocabulary skills: Your vocabulary skills should be sufficiently refined to keep your client attracted towards what you are speaking.

Numerical Ability: You must possess such numerical ability which makes you efficient in handling numerically related tasks quickly and accurately. You will require to explain the cost effectiveness or profit related issues to your client.

Creativity: If you are a creative problem solver, you will definitely find ways to sell a product when traditional methods don't work.

Personality Characteristics

Energy: You have to be enthusiastic about the products you sell. If not, you can not handle pressure and stress of meeting clients and also the targets.

Communication Abilities: You should know how to interact with people and influence them. After all, you are here to convince the prospective buyer about the quality of your product or service.

Emotional Strength: You should be able to manage your ego, self-esteem, self-confidence in the right way in order to handle pressures including rejections by clients.

Team work: You must know how to work independently to achieve your personal targets as well as to work as member of your team to achieve the team target.

Self Motivation: You must be a self motivated sales professional. After all, you will not be supervised closely everyday about your sales activities but your job will depend on the goals achieved by you.
Knowledge about Your Business: You must be well conversed with the basic business terms and technicalities involved with your products. No one can convince others without knowing the details.
Pleasing Appearance: That does not at all means that you should be good looking by standard measures but your appearance should be such that gives a good impression about your company.

If you are confused about your sales aptitudes just take a sales and marketing test to know your sales skills.


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