Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Travel Jobs – Beyond the Conventional

Gone are the days when travel jobs were confined only with the activity of roaming around or convincing people to buy the tickets of any holiday destination. Today, the scope of travel jobs have not remained confined to them. One of the most bright prospect in this industry is that of the travel writer. This article gives out some very useful ways to make a successful career as a travel writer.

Conventional Approach – Selling your stories to various newspapers and magazine is perhaps the most commonly practiced way of earning money as a travel writer. However, this method has the drawback of paying you less and and hence is not the most relevant option today. The way put – you can either write an article and sell it to a magazine or you can approach the magazine, get their demands and write accordingly. Go to the libraries and check out periodicals in case you are not sure which travel magazine do you intent to approach.

Writing for Blogs – This is one of the most recent trend wherein all you need to do it write articles of 400 to 1500 words and sell it to any blog at a set price. Though it might appear difficult at first to write on vague topics but it is certainly easy when compared to writing for a magazine and you can make money more easily.

Instead of selling your stories to other, you can have your own blog, promote it vigorously and earn money through various tools like ad sense or promoting the selling of various products that are associated with your blog. There are many people who love to read about the all the places in the world and your blog might just be the means of it.

Writing for Project Sites – There are thousands if not million of sites that require content updated on daily basis. For this they have an easy to use interface where you need to just create an account and start posting your request for a job. The compensation is attractive and involves ab east transfer.

If you have the skills of a travel writer, then pick up one of these tips and start earning on your own terms.


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