Friday, June 5, 2009

5 Cool Resume Tips to Impress Your Employers

A resume is perhaps the first and foremost link between you and any employer. Thus, it becomes a very important activity to make a resume that speaks well about you without a hint of exaggeration. Following are some very fruitful and tactful tips to catch the attention of your prospective employer with just a look at your resume.

Focus on Employer – Co relating the needs of the employer with your qualification is the first step in designing a perfect resume. This implies that you need to concentrate on your skills and the requirement for the job, and thus post your resume. This will help the employer determine clearly whether you qualify for the job, without wasting too much time.

Executive Summary – This may be the key to success as it not only describes your objectives regarding the job but also includes your skills and key selling points. This segment can be very elaborate in case of construction jobs. For example If you a civil engineer, then you can clearly mention yourself as - 'a civil engineer with relevant experience in the construction of various shopping malls and complexes etc.'

Sticking to Limited Positions – This implicates that you should be clear and concise about the position you are looking for. By applying in almost all the categories of job you will land up sounding bewildered. Make sure you mention your relevant experiences and avoid filling junk unnecessarily.

Highlight Education and Achievement – This is also a very important consideration undertaken by the employers. Use the action phrases to establish your accomplishments in either your college or the company you were associated with. While educational qualification is a customary details in the resume, it should be very crisp and also include its relevance with your job.

Clarity Counts – A good resume becomes more worthy when its presentability, is also taken care of. Leaving the right amount of white spaces between the lines makes it easier for the employer to read your resume. Also choosing the right font and color is an important consideration.

Follow these tips when you are making your resume as they are one of the most important tool that can make or break your chances of snagging the job you want.


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